What is your favorite music right now.

Ok, so we leave for tour soon right? Right. That means tons of time sitting in a van. What is your favorite music right now? Give us some things to download (bandcamp/whatever links are helpful). It’d be cool to hear some new stuff. 

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    Gatherer from NJ. (http://gatherernj.bandcamp.com/)
  2. drunken-physics said: a sight for sewn eyes is a really good metal band from Halifax, Nova Scotia. flight to dubai have a really good song called “juice”
  3. carlbateau said: If you want something more relaxed I’d recommend ALT-J, PASSENGER or BOY (2 girls from Germany). Else, FOXES (1 “x” from Australia). But please give MARATHONMANN a try. Brandnew band from Germany w/ german lyrics if you are intrrested. <3
  4. justliftmeup said: burning bright contains members of Amanda Woodward and Aussitot Mort. you can download it here: burningbright.bandcamp….
  5. theunifiedscene said: mediafire.com/?jh1ke2… this is very good
  6. knockovercity said: paniccandy.bandcamp.com, entombed- wolvarine blues, joshua fit for battle - to bring our own end, moment - songs for the self destructive
  7. kyleredmondteese said: A band called Worthwhile from San Francisco. I hear Defeater + Have Heart influences. You can find their whole new album “Carry on Kid” on Spotify if you have it… or here: youtube.com/watch?v…
  8. lurkxxx said: frontporchstep.bandcamp… Front Porch Step from Newark, OH. Acoustic sad lonely boy music that is absolutely phenomenal!
  9. thisishowitendedintokyo said: mount eerie’s ‘clear moon’ is one of the best of the year. the new titus andronicus album ‘local business’ is really good, but different from ‘the monitor’. fleet foxes’ ‘helplessness blues’ has opened itself up to me recently, as well!
  10. gunflower said: Noah Gundersen: a wonderful singer/songwriter. noahgundersen(dot)bandcamp(dot)com
  11. christoff4 said: Giraffes? Giraffes!
  12. lifeisnowaytotreatananimal said: Polaroids- Reference Tracks
  13. paintingbricks said: Frameworks, Von Wolfe
  14. yourheadfeelslikehome said: facebook.com/fromind… and facebook.com/bluewil… are both super good bands, and I know one of the bands personally!
  15. ratxtown said: braid, midwest pen pals, snowing, losin it, out crowd, combatwoundedveteran, william bonney, rival schools, hoax, park jefferson
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  17. nickisreallyawesome said: nativewildlife.bandcamp…
  18. girlbullying said: mediafire.com/?6okokr…
  19. eressea said: Newest Caspian album ‘Waking Season’.
  20. tofuttiqt said: New Adobe Homes
  21. andthenshestopped said: Have A Nice Life, Hayworth, SLOTHS, Among Giants, Raindance, Gospel’s The Moon Is A Dead World, Tim Fite, Monoliths.
  22. thinkfree666 said: burning bright
  23. etchismsketchism said: Carlo by The La De Les. Girlfriends by Girlfriends. Boyfrndz by Boyfrndz. All Day Pass by Boyfrndz. Check out those albums — suuuuper stinkin good
  24. saltwaterfountain said: arrowsinher.bandcamp.com Described as Thrice instrumentals played over American Football. Check em out!
  25. kid-rocket said: FACT, Calabrese, Gallows, Glassjaw, Suis La Lune, The Venetia Fair, Block B.
  26. sealabia said: listen to a bunch of Yes. and a bunch of Suis La Lune. And the new Converge/Godspeed albums. as well as so much other shit.
  27. oldhope said: Japanese post-rock band - Toe toe.st
  28. forfrosne said: Beau Navire - Hours! It’s a phenomenal screamo album.
  29. eternalbone said: Keaton Henson for the most heartbreaking music ever, and Flatbush Zombies for some modern hip-hop.
  30. gregariouslyme said: No joke, I’ve been listening to Yes’s Close to the Edge album on repeat for the last two weeks. Listen to that.
  31. thevalleyohia said: Besides you guys? William Bonney: last.fm/music/W… Choirs: choirs666.bandcamp.com and Sixteen: sixteenky.bandcamp.com/…
  32. hangindane said: Anything by Why? best band
  33. party-dad said: wu tang clan
  34. catchforus-thefoxes said: "Everything Touching" by Tall Ships is pretty amazing bsmrocks.bandcamp.com/a…
  35. ridemybikeintotrashcans said: toe
  36. likeworriedfire said: Wake/Lift by Rosetta!
  37. goldfettuccine said: definitely miley cyrus’ party in the usa
  38. drunkadrian said: milhausyouth.bandcamp.c… meh… its worth a shot
  39. tylertorres said: thtf.bandcamp.com themeasureof.bandcamp.c… redfoxgreyfox.bandcamp.com/
  40. gard3voirs said: If you’re into 80’s synth pop, Chairlift is a great band to listen to. If you’re not, Chairlift is a great band to listen to.
  41. dicklipss said: www.oteo…
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